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Booking the Village Hall

The Hall consists of the main room capable of holding 80 people, a meeting room for 5 – 10 people and a first floor observation deck for 10 – 15 people with stunning views up and down the River Humber. The Hall has super-fast broadband, stage, sound and lighting systems. The main room is ideal for all events including weddings, baptisms, wakes, birthdays, retirements etc. An artist impression of the hall is shown below.

Paull Village Hall

Below is a table of hiring charges for all the facilities.

Main HallPer Hour
Residents & Concessions£10
Meeting Room
Residents & Concessions£10
Observation Deck
Residents & Concessions£10
Optional Facilities
Hire of Music System£10
Use of Full KitchenFREE (please supply own tea/coffee etc)
Hire of Bar and Bar StaffFree but (OWN ALCOHOL NOT PERMITTED)
TERMSFull fee to be paid 14 days before event,No refund if event cancelled within 14 days.
Deposit *  Whichever is greater£25 or £25%
(Regular users and concessions at the discretion of The Village Hall Committee)

For Commercial prices please email dianaedo@mail.com

Wishing to book the hall. If you are interested then please contact by email dianaedo@mail.com to discuss your requirements.

The hall can be booked between the hours of 9am to 12 midnight.

Earlier or later opening/closing at the discretion of the Committee.

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